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Authorization 3

The attacker themselves is not permitted direct access, but has access to something, that had or has access to information. Consider all accounts/roles and what access privileges they have, and whether a user in one role can utilise another role. Create an Access Control Policy to document an application's business rules, data types and access authorization criteria and/or processes so that access can be properly provisioned and controlled. This includes identifying access requirements for both the data and system resources.

This card also includes considerations of access to residual information such as cached data, data stored temporarily, and the inadequate deletion of information that is no longer required (and has passed its required retention period).

How to play?

Christian can access information, which they should not have permission to, through another mechanism that does have permission (e.g. search indexer, logger, reporting), or because it is cached, or kept for longer than necessary, or other information leakage


Owasp ASVS (4.0): 1.12.1 ,4.1.3 ,4.1.5 ,8.1.2 ,8.2.1 ,8.3.1 ,8.3.4 ,8.3.6 ,8.3.8 ,12.4.1

Capec: 69 ,213

Owasp SCP: 51,100,135,139,140,141,150

Owasp Appsensor:

Safecode: 8,10,11

ASVS (4.0) Cheatsheetseries Index

ASVS V1.12 - Secure File Upload Architectural Requirements

ASVS V4.1 - General Access Control Design

ASVS V8.1 - General Data Protection

ASVS V8.2 - Client-side Data Protection

ASVS V8.3 - Sensitive Private Data

ASVS V12.4 - File Storage Requirements


(Session) Data tampering

Password Guessing/Brute Force Attacks

Social engineering attack

Session Hijacking (Man-in-the-Middle)

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