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Session management 9

Protect session identifiers as if they are account credentials. For HTTP cookies:

Set cookies with the HttpOnly attribute, unless you specifically require client-side scripts within your application to read or set a cookie's value. Set the 'secure' attribute for cookies transmitted over an TLS connection. Consider making the whole ecommerce website 'SSL-only', adding the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) header and adding the domain to web browser pre-load lists.

How to play?

Ivan can steal session identifiers because they are sent over insecure channels, or are logged, or are revealed in error messages, or are included in URLs, or are accessible un-necessarily by code which the attacker can influence or alter


Owasp ASVS (4.0): 1.9.1 ,3.1.1 ,7.1.1 ,7.1.2 ,7.2.1 ,9.1.3 ,9.2.2

Capec: 31 ,60

Owasp SCP: 69,75,76,119,138

Owasp Appsensor: SE4-6

Safecode: 28

ASVS (4.0) Cheatsheetseries Index

ASVS V1.9 - Communications Architectural Requirements

ASVS V3.1 - Fundamental Session Management Requirements

ASVS V7.1 - Log Content Requirements

ASVS V7.2 - Log Processing Requirements

ASVS V9.1 - Communications Security Requirements

ASVS V9.2 - Server Communications Security Requirements


Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

Session Fixation

Session Hijacking (Man-in-the-Middle)

Error message exploitation

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